The world is changing. Technology and mobile have made life so much easier. Today we have the power to create, innovate, and transform at any time and from anywhere. It is crazy how we still complain about why we can’t do it.

We are stuck in a vicious cycle, work hard – buy stuff – work harder – keep earning to buy more stuff. We are acquiring things we don’t want and doing jobs we don’t enjoy making it impossible to get rid of this treacherous cycle. So many of us are spending so much of our daily lives doing the things we would rather not. Why? To pay our credit card bills, to pay installments of the loans we have gathered, to pay family support and, of course, to afford this addiction to our lifestyle.

We need to pause. Ask ourselves – What is my purpose in life? Is there a meaning? How do I change myself? How do I escape the vicious cycle? How do I pursue true happiness? 

The answer is “Mindset.” If you win the battle with your mind, then you can win over any conflict in the world.

If you believe in yourself, and accept that if you follow your real passion, life can be arduous but worth it, then you can cross any hurdle. Value yourself! And start training your mind – spend more time doing things that define YOU, not your surroundings. Read books that help build a stronger mindset. Surround yourself with people that make you stronger, that inspire you. Listen to words of inspiration and watch videos that can help you learn. Then use all of this to build your life, your future.

And every time you think that it’s not going to happen, because of this or that, because it’s easier said than done, because of my mom…. because of my financials… because of my husband/wife and kids… Remember, it’s worth a shot, and the worst that can happen is you’ll fail! Still, you’ll experience and learn things so beautiful that makes it all worth it.

Ask yourself – “I’ve Got One Life. What am I going to do about it?”

Don’t believe me? Watch This Video, where I met Zubair Ahmed (SVP, ENBD Group) and talked about FinTech, Millennials, Parenting, and the MODERN DAY MINDSET. Watch this video to get inspired and learn what kind of mindset helps achieve success in today’s era.

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