Education of life is quite different from school. In school, you learn lessons and then you are tested through exams. In life, you face the test first, then you learn the lesson. The best part about the “test first, lesson after” strategy is that you’re rewarded, even when you lose or fail. You’re rewarded with experience. And that is more valuable than a winning trophy.

Winning feels good. Indeed! It feels great to come in first. It feels great to get a standing ovation. But the problem with the attitude of always trying to win is you develop a fear of LOSING. The hardest part of life is learning how to face your demons and rolling with the punches coming at you.

A fearful mind is weak. Fear prevents us from becoming our best-self. It stops us from experiencing something so beautiful – LIFE. Real life is experienced without any expectations. In life, the ONLY purpose we have is to add value to everything else that already exists. And we do that, through our skills, expertise and empathy. What we need to understand is that when we focus on building value, we will always be rewarded. That’s just how our society has worked for 1000s of years. So why focus on the reward?

Today, what we must really do as a society is redefine success. We need to dramatically tone down the importance of money. We need to teach our future generations to love the game, not the trophies that come along. In order to have better self-awareness consistently, we cannot succumb to a conservative mindset that’s drilled down into us through society and peer pressure.


The reward of failure, is EXPERIENCE!

Startup Entrepreneur
Nitesh Marwaha

About the Author:

Nitesh is the Founder and CEO of Startup MC (his 3rd venture). He is also the lead instructor of Startup Students and Startup Pro.

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