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He is a 28-year-old Swiss Social and Environmental Entrepreneur. After dedicating over 9 years of his career in the world of finance (Private Banking) and nearly 2 years in the Swiss Army as Chief Sergeant Major, he decided to make a radical change in his life and undertake a path linked to sustainability and the environment in an entrepreneurial and social context.

Matteo Boffa is a contributor and guest speaker at Startup Masterclass.

Matteo is involved in several international projects such as: “The Flipflopi” ( the first boat in the world built entirely with plastic waste (Kenya). His determination to make our planet a better world led him to be appointed the General Manager of ETUIX ( based in Dubai, Switzerland and Italy which turns advertising posters into unique and sustainable products. Also, thanks to his recent involvement in the management of DGRADE (, which creates textile material from plastic bottles, has allowed him to receive several awards from the UAE government.

Currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Business Council, Matteo holds the position of Head of the Environmental Department.

Part of his time is dedicated to the full support of Startups in the field of creative sustainability and innovation. Matteo is also part of several university programs related to social entrepreneurship issues through he teaches young students the opportunities for careers in the sustainability sector.

His motto: Don’t spend to destroy, invest to create!


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