Idea Validation helps deliver powerful insights to plan and grow your business, securing investment outperforming competition and ensuring long-term sustainable success.

Our idea validation solution entails an assessment of the competitor landscape and customer needs evaluation. Insights obtained in the market research study will be used to estimate the market size and to determine the feasibility of the entry into the market.

Additionally, we will design your road-map to outline your commercial strategy and execution guidance.


We leverage a set of research techniques to deliver in-depth industry insights into the state of the market, competitive landscape and customer requirements

The Market Research Program includes four stages:


Internal audit

During an internal audit, our team reviews relevant information about your industry that it has readily available in-house. This study provides a starting point for formulating specific questions and providing guidance on the following steps.





Desk research

Our analysts conduct desk research to collect secondary source data from many relevant sources. Our sources include national statistical offices, governmental bodies, trade associations, industry groups, reports from various industry players, as well as business and financial press.




Expert interviews

We have access to key industry stakeholders to enable us to obtain in-depth insights through expert surveys.

Expert interviews are conducted by our analysts to develop an understanding of the competitive landscape and key trends shaping the industry.




Customer surveys

During this stage, our experts organize interviews with prospective clients to determine their requirements and to capture their feedback on the proposed offering.

The final approach is developed in consultation with the client to align strategic objectives.



At the end of the program, we deliver a detailed report outlining the findings and strategic recommendations. Additionally, a workshop can be organized to communicate insights and to provide guidance on translating them into an actionable plan. 

Investment Focus

We can tailor the report highlighting the market size, growth prospects, and financial projection to present to prospective investors at the pitching stage.


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