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Learn, as students, how to start your own business and be successful entrepreneurs from scratch.

In an exponentially changing world, our education system is doing what it can to maintain pace, relevance and impart the skills required to prosper in the 21st century.

However, technology and business model innovation moves much quicker than the school system is capable of responding. As such, the very existence of jobs traditionally seen as ‘safe’ such as accounting is being questioned. Today’s kids are facing an uncertain future in which they are likely to have several careers and up to 15 jobs.

Clearly, a capacity for personal reinvention and an ability to identify new business and personal growth opportunities will be of significant importance.

Students learn the basics of startup building. This one-day masterclass will introduce students to these principles in a fun and interactive way and have them solving real problems.






The Program

Session 1 – Introduction and overview of Startups

In this session, students will learn fundamental definitions and concepts such of Innovation, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Activity 1: Students will form startup teams and select a startup idea that they will continue to work on (as teams) for the rest of day.

Session 2 – Formation phase – Startup ideas and relevant literature

In this session, students will be introduced to different ways to form ideas. Along with this, they’ll learn the importance of three elements of startup formation – Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Students will also understand how to get funding and other resources at this stage.

Activity 2: Students will participate as teams in Ideation process using Design Thinking Model.

Activity 3: They’ll practically learn how to write the mission, vision and values, and form their top level strategy.

Session 3 – Validation Phase – Going lean before scaling

In this session, students will learn the Lean Startup Methodology. Students will understand what MVP (Minimum Viable Product) means.

Activity 4: They will build their first concept Prototype.

Session 4 – Measuring Performance and Pitch Deck

In the last session, students will learn about metrics (AAARRR model), marketing (4Ps of Marketing), and using all things learnt to create a simplified version of pitch deck.

Activity 5: They will learn to write a business plan using Lean Canvas Business Model.

Activity 6: Each team will pitch their startup (Mock Startup Pitch Competition).

At the end of day, students receive a completion certificate.

The Mentor

startup entrepreneur


Founder || CEO || Coach @StartupMC


Nitesh is an innovator and entrepreneur with 10 years in business leadership. He is an expert in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, marketing and management.

He began his career in the education industry in 2008 as an instructor of communication. After 7 years of handling dynamic roles in the industry (teaching, marketing, business development) he founded his first company (Everati) in Dubai. His first venture was short-lived (but a life-changing experience). He says, “Reward of failure is EXPERIENCE.” Soon after, he founded his second company: Infinity Conferences, in 2016. In three years, he led his startup to more than a million dollars in revenue and sold the company in 2019.

Nitesh, is currently the Founder, CEO and Coach of StartupMC – An intellectual accelerator for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs supporting startups at every stage of their journey through cutting-edge training, innovative technology and world-class mentorship.

He is a visionary product developer with deep knowledge in research and marketing. An effective communicator, motivator and a relentless optimist who believes “There is no failure, only feedback.”

Nitesh holds an MBA in Digital Marketing.


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