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19 October 2019
02 November 2019

Four Points Sheraton Hotel, SZR, Dubai
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Registration fee includes: Course Materials, certificate of completion, breakfast/ lunch/ refreshments)


The Ultimate Startup Masterclass – From Idea to Business, Talent to Organisation

Building a successful startup from idea to successful launch and beyond is a mysterious process for many. There is so much information out there and it can be very difficult to obtain what is right for you and when it’s relevant to you.

There is a growing need for knowledge and tools that focus on full startup journey by connecting methods, tools and knowledge from various stages in systematic manner, along with understanding of the service ecosystems supporting this journey.

business, startup, entrepreneur

The main target of Startup Masterclass is to increase the volume of entrepreneurship and likelihood of startup success by focusing to remove or reduce the biggest “universal risks” and to educate about optimal methods and structures that are both strong and flexible to sustain failures at various levels.

business, startup, entrepreneur

The Startup Masterclass takes a deep dive to discover the business world through startup development phases framework. The focus of the masterclass is on describing the holistic big picture of startups, related items and journey as a whole, from formation to validation and to scaling.

What you’ll learn

    • How startup development phases from formation, to validation, to scaling
    • Key terminology – idea & innovation, entrepreneurship & startups
    • About investors, advisers & mentors
    • How startup stages help in building a venture
    • Key success & failure factors
    • How do investors and others view startups
    • How is value built and measured in various phases
    • Some basic methods & tools
    • Additional learning & tools/ resources for self-learning

What you’ll achieve

    • An overview to startups, startup development phases and startup ecosystems as the “factory” (or funnel).
    • Communicating from various stakeholders perspective – from entrepreneurs point of view, team members point of view, investor’s perspective, government’s perspective, operative support organization perspective for holistic view.
    • Understand what are the most important activities to focus on from each of these perspectives at each of the development phases.

Who should attend

    • Anyone who is interested in having a better understanding of startups and the journey it takes from idea to success (and the typical failures and pitfalls in between)
    • Specifically suited for those preparing to go into this journey, either by starting a venture or joining a venture already in progress
    • but also valuable for those working with startups or startup related projects and activities
    • as well as for those looking to potentially start investing in startups, as new business angel, crowdfunding investor or in form of work investing (sweat equity)



Session 1: What is a startup?
      • Innovation vs Invention
      • Some reasons leading to startup
      • Myths busted – About startups and entrepreneurship
      • Starting points
      • Bootstrapping
      • Advisers
      • Building Value and Exits
      • About exits
      • Initial resourcing
      • Funding and investors
        • Types of investors
      • Investor Communications
      • Competition and Copycats
Startup Journey
      • Startup Development Phases
        • Formation
        • Validation
        • Scaling
Session 2: Formation Phase
      • Ideation & Co-founding – SHA early part of content
      • Company Culture
      • Sample values in startup company
      • Mission Statement
        • How should good mission statement look like?
      • Vision
        • How should good vision look like?
        • Why set a high-ambition vision?
      • Strategy
      • Mission, Vision & Strategy working together
      • Initiate Basic activities
      • Team
        • Why startups need a founding team
        • Team Building
        • Co-founding talks
        • How to calculate valuation?
        • Valuation as a tool in calculating co-founder ownership
        • Shareholder Agreement (SHA)
      • Types of business ideas
      • Supporting Services for “Formation” Stages
        • Entrepreneurship Courses
        • Events
        • Hackathons
        • Co working Spaces
        • Incubators
      • Funding sources
Session 3: Validation (0 to 2)
      • Build, Iterate & validate (KPI’s)
      • Lean Startup Method
      • Planning Tools
      • Supporting Services for “Validation” Stages
        • Accelerators
      • Funding sources
Session 4: Scale Phase (+2)
      • Funding & growth (advisory board, extended team & option plans), & working with big companies
Building Growth
      • Marketing channels
      • KPI’s and Key Metrics
      • Supporting Services for “Scaling” Stages

At the end of day, participants receive completion certificate.

The Instructor

Startup Entrepreneur

Nitesh Marwaha

Founder | CEO | Coach @StartupMC

Nitesh is an innovator and entrepreneur with 10 years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. Visionary product developer with deep knowledge in research and marketing. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. A Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback.

Career highlights
      • 4+ years as Entrepreneur with personal hard-earned success and failures
      • 6 years of content development for the emerging tech and startup industry
      • Trained 1000+ professionals on Business Management, Communication, Marketing and Sales
      • Speaker on entrepreneurship and starting up

Guest Speaker

social entrepreneur

Matteo Boffa
Social & Environmental Entrepreneur

Matteo is a Swiss Social and Environmental Entrepreneur. After dedicating over 9 years of his career in the world of finance (Private Banking) and nearly 2 years in the Swiss Army as Chief Sergeant Major, he decided to make a radical change in his life.


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